2021 Summer Reading Program "Tails and Tales"

Our 2021 Summer Reading Program Theme is "Tails and Tales." Everyone will be able to record their reading online through our BookPoints website to earn points, digital badges, and prizes or prize drawing entries. Our three library locations are open normal hours, so stop in to check out books and sign up for in-person programs and take-home activities!

Children (ages preschool through 6th grade) - Registration begins Tuesday, June 1 and recording reading for prizes begins Monday, June 7. Kids will be keeping track of their minutes reading again this year to earn brag tags and beads! Every child receives a chain and Library logo tag when they are registered. We will have weekly take-home activities for families to pick up each week, as well as limited in-person programs, and Story Trails at local parks. Read 20 minutes to earn 20 points. Complete the weekly activities to earn additional points each week. Every 100 points achieved earns a brag tag. Children will also earn beads each time they check out books at the library.

Teens (entering grades 7 - 12) - Registration begins Tuesday, June 1 and recording reading for drawing tickets begins Monday, June 7. Teens will also keep track of their minutes read this year. Read 20 minutes to earn 20 points. Each 20 points earns an entry in the drawing for a $75 Amazon gift card, which will be announced on Monday, August 2. 

Adults (ages 18 and up) - Registration begins Tuesday, June 1 and recording reading for drawing tickets begins Monday, June 7. Adults will keep track of the number of books read. Each book read equals one entry in the weekly prize drawing, and entries accumulate for the Grand Prize Drawings at the end of July. Stop by the library to view the list of prizes you could win! Adults can earn extra drawing tickets by picking up and completing weekly activity sheets for a "Secret Code." Adults can also sign up for weekly take-home crafts, which also come with Secret Codes! Starting now, register each week to receive the craft kit (see the schedule of crafts below)! Complete all activities and enter all your reading and Secret Codes by closing time on Saturday, July 31 for the Grand Prize Drawings.

  • June 7 – Magazine Wreath (register by June 2, take home week of June 7)
  • June 14 – Wall Decoration (register by June 9, take home week of June 14)
  • June 21 – Book Vase (register by June 16, take home week of June 21)
  • June 28 – Centerpiece Trivet (register by June 23, take home week of June 28)
  • July 6 (Libraries closed on 7/5) – Concrete Planters (register by June 30, take home week of July 6)
  • July 12 – Book Birdhouse (register by July 7, take home week of July 12)
  • July 19 – Magazine Coaster (register by July 14, take home week of July 19)
  • July 26 – Canvas Painting (register by July 21, take home week of July 26)

Register for Summer Reading Program

Registering for Summer Reading Program and using our BookPoints website is easy! Click here to download instructions.

1. In an Internet browser, go to https://pemberville.bookpoints.norweld.org/ and select "Register" under Create an Account on the main page. You will create one login for your whole family.
2. After creating an account, you can then add readers. If this is an individual account, just add your own information. If this is a family account, you will add readers one at a time.
3. On the Add Readers page: input the name of the reader, their age, the grade they will enter in the Fall for kids/teens or "Not in School" for an adult, and for school just type and select "None." Then select a reading program: Adult, Teen, or Children.
4. After completing the information for one reader, the website will ask if you need to add more readers. Complete the process as many times as necessary for the whole family.

Recording Reading Online

Once you have created an account, the website will take you to your Reader Dashboard. Here you can select the reader you want to record points for and then enter their reading in the Book Log.

For children and teens, enter the book title, author, and the number of 20-minute reading periods. For example, if they read for 40 minutes, then enter 2. If they read for an hour, enter 3.

For adults, enter the title and author of the book and then rate how well you liked it out of five stars.

 If you need help or have questions, just stop by one of our locations or give us a call.