Behavior Policy


It is the mission of the Pemberville Public Library System to provide free, open and equal access to information to all members of the community. The Standards of Library Policy below will guide staff in creating and enforcing an environment that encourages all patrons to use the Pemberville Libraries in a safe and respectful manner.

The Pemberville Public Library Standards of Library Behavior Policy shall apply in all buildings and grounds controlled and operated by the Pemberville Public Library (such buildings and grounds are hereafter referred to as “premises”) and to all individuals (hereafter referred to as “patrons”) entering or on the premises.

Please inform a staff member if you feel another’s behavior or activity is unreasonably interfering with your enjoyment of the library.



All patrons (adults and children) are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which enables others, including patrons, library staff, library Board of Trustees, and themselves, to accomplish their intended library tasks in a safe, reasonably pleasant, and orderly atmosphere. Staff will enforce the library policies and Federal, State, or Local Ordinances that are applicable, utilizing local law enforcement when necessary. Our staff respects all library patrons and will take appropriate action on a case-by-case basis.

The following list of specific prohibitions may be enforced as appropriate:

Patrons SHALL:

  1. Show respect for other people – both their space and their feelings.
  2. Follow all provisions of the Library’s Computer/Internet Use Agreement Policy.
  3. Leave the library promptly at closing.
  4. Individuals involved in criminal behavior against the library, library staff, or library Board Trustees will be prosecuted.

Patrons WILL NOT:

  1. Destroy, deface, misuse or illegally remove the library materials or property, or the property of other patrons. Individuals may be required by library staff to open bags, backpacks, or purses for inspection.
  2. Smoke (including use of e-cigarettes) in the buildings, or within 20 feet of the library’s public entrances or exits.
  3. Disturb or harass other individuals, library staff, or library Board Trustees (including, but not limited to):
    • Loitering in the library.
    • Staring fixedly or leering at other patrons, staff, or Board Trustees.
    • Following or stalking patrons, library staff, or Board Trustees, in or on library premises.
    • Annoying patrons, library staff and library Board Trustees by talking while they are trying to utilize library services, read, study, or perform library duties.
    • Abusing or verbally harassing patrons, library staff, or library Board Trustees, including, but not limited to, the use of foul language
    • Engaging in harassing or intimidating behavior in or on library premises.
    • Causing, introducing, or being the source of odors that bring forth complaints or cause discomfort to others, whether commonly considered pleasant or unpleasant.
    • Distributing materials or gathering signatures for petitions while in the library buildings.
  4. Creating a disturbance by speaking loudly, yelling, running, throwing objects, misusing the library facilities, roughhousing, etc.
  5. Sell products or services (with the exception of Library sponsored events), panhandle, or solicit in or on library premises.
  6. Enter or impede access to non-public areas of the premises.
  7. Bring animals (except service animals) into any library premises or leave them unattended on library grounds.
  8. Come into any library premises without being fully clothed, including shirt, shoes, and clothing covering the lower portion of the body.
  9. Commit or attempt to commit any activity that would constitute a violation of any Federal, State, or Local Ordinances.
  10. Direct a threat or perceived threat of physical harm against a patron, library staff, or library Board Trustee.
  11. Engage in conduct of a sexual nature.
  12. Be under the influence of any controlled substance or intoxicating liquor.
  13. Possess, sell, distribute or use a controlled substance on or in library premises.
  14. Possess, sell, distribute or consume alcoholic beverages on or in library premises
  15. Use cameras and/or recording devices of any type on or in library premises without prior permission from the Library Director. This restriction is not applicable to public meetings.
  16. Disobey the reasonable direction of a library staff member.
  17. Interfere with the free passage of patrons, library staff, library Board Trustee in or on the library premises.
  18. Operate roller skates, skateboard, or other similar devices in or on library premises.
  19. Violate the Library’s Computer/Internet Use Agreement Policy/
  20. Park vehicles on library premises for purposes other than library use. Vehicles parked in violation of this standard of behavior may be towed at the owner’s expense.
  21. Consume food or drink unless at a library sponsored program or with the permission of library staff.
  22. Take library materials into restrooms.
  23. Use personal electronic equipment at a volume that disturbs others.
  24. Loiter on library premises.
  25. Leave small children unsupervised or unattended, anywhere in or on library premises.
  26. Engage in conduct that disrupts or interferes with the normal operation of the library.
  27. Enter the premises with exposed wounds, cuts, or infestations (e.g. scabies, lice, bedbugs, etc.).
  28. Leave personal belongings unattended. The Library is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.
  29. Misuse restrooms, including laundering personal belongings, bathing, or intentionally clogging toilets and sinks, or throwing restroom supplies on the floor.
  30. Spit in trash cans, containers, floors, objects, etc., while on the premises.
  31. Under the Ohio Revised Code, no person shall possess a deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance on library premises.



Patrons SHALL NOT:

  1. Plug in personal electronic equipment so that it creates a tripping hazard or disturbs others.
  2. Use personal equipment that is disruptive or noisy. Audio equipment may be used with headphones if it does not disturb others. While cell phone use is not prohibited activity, cell phone users and others may not speak loudly and disturb others.
  3. Refuse to relinquish computer equipment or other library resources after being directed to do so by library staff.



Patrons SHALL NOT:

  1. Neglect to provide proper adult supervision of children under the age of six. Parents or their designated adult caregivers are responsible for their children’s supervision and appropriate behavior.
  2. Neglect to pick up or arrange a ride for a juvenile (anyone under age 18) when the library closes. Parents or their designated adult caregivers are responsible for knowing the library’s hours and making sure the child is picked up promptly.
    • As safety is our primary concern, staff will remain with any child who does not have a ride. If the child is not picked up within 15 minutes of the library closing, library staff are required to contact the police. The police are authorized to assess the situation and to transport a child to the police station, home, a neighbor’s house, etcetera. If a child leaves with the police, a notice to parents will be taped to the library door with the information on the action taken.
  3. Loiter for the purpose of engaging anyone under the age of 18 in unlawful or illegal contact. Adults who are not related or supervising children shall not loiter in areas identified as Children’s Programming areas.
  4. Adults not accompanying a child may not attend a Children’s Library Program without express permission of library staff.



In the case of emergency or potential emergency, patrons shall immediately follow the direction of staff. If the building is evacuated, patrons shall leave the building promptly.



Enforcement of these rules will be conducted in a fair and reasonable manner. Library staff and/or local law enforcement officers will intervene to stop prohibited activities and behaviors. Failure to comply with the Library’s established rules and policies could result in sanctions including but not limited to warnings, removal from the premises, expulsion from the library for a period of time, restrictions or termination of Library privileges, and arrest or prosecution.

  1. Violations of the foregoing may be cause for the Library Director or authorized designee to limit, suspend, or revoke library privileges.
  2. Violators may be removed from the premises and criminally prosecuted if their conduct constitutes a violation of Federal, State, or Local Ordinances.
  3. Violators that fail to comply with the direction of a library staff member will be required to leave the premises immediately.
  4. Patrons whose library privileges were limited, suspended, or revoked are entitled to an opportunity to be heard in that regard, and may request a meeting with the Library Director or authorized designee.
  5. Prior to restoration of library privileges, any patron whose privileges were limited, suspended or revoked must schedule a meeting with the Library Director or authorized designee to review the Pemberville Public Library Standards of Library Behavior Policy.