Portage River Readers

Portage River Readers is a book discussion group that meets at the Pemberville Library. Meetings are held at 7:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month during the school year. Discussion books are available for checkout at the library approximately a month before the discussion is held. New members are always welcome!



Any book you have read since January 2020

Summary: Since the meetings of the Portage River Readers have been cancelled for now, the group has decided to have people share one book that they have read since January 2020 that they have enjoyed. Non-book club members are invited to participate in this email chain as well. Email the following information to ptitkem@hotmail.com :

Please share JUST ONE BOOK that you have read since JANUARY 2020 that you really liked. In doing so, please give us the following information:

1.  The author’s name (if you remember it)

2.  The title

3.  The genre of book:  fiction, nonfiction, science-fiction, biography, autobiography, etc.

4.  A brief summary of the book -- or whatever you might want to share about the reading of this book and perhaps how it affected you. (Absolutely your choice as to what you share.)

DO NOT INCLUDE ANY PICTURES/GRAPHICS -- some people’s computers cannot handle too many of those.