Cookbook Club

Colorful images of a variety of cookies. The text "Cookie Exchange" in the middle in a green box
The book cover of Marth Stewart's Cookies which has a photo of Martha Stweart and an image of a big chocolate cookie on the front.
Background of a cutting board and vegetables. Text detailing what cookbook club is.

If you love to cook and want a fun, casual environment to try and share new recipes, the Cookbook Club is just for you! You’ll take home a new cookbook every month and try out recipes. Then bring your favorite dish to share with the group and discuss techniques. This book club rotates meeting locations between our three libraries each month and meets on the first Thursday at 6:30 pm. Open to cooks ages 14 and more experienced! Registration Required. Please call Pemberville Public Library to reserve your recipe choice.


December Cookie Exchange


Thursday, December 7th, 2023 at 6:30 p.m. | Luckey Branch Library

For the December meeting we will be doing a cookie exchange. We ask that everyone cooks 2 dozen cookies and brings along a copy of their recipe. The first dozen we will share and taste the night of the meeting, the second dozen should be put into 12 individual bags. This will allow each participant to take home one cookie of each kind.

There is no specific book for this meeting, feel free to bake your favorite cookie! If you are in need of inspiration, copies of "Martha Stewart's cookies" will be available at Pemberville, Stony Ridge, and Luckey. When you have selected your recipe to bring, please contact the Pemberville Public Library at 419-287-4012 to record your choice and reserve your space.


Upcoming Meetings

January 4th at Stony Ridge Branch Library

February 1st at Pemberville Public Library