Library Logo

Pemberville Public Library logo - colored on black background
Pemberville Public Library - colored on white background
Pemberville Public Library logo - black and white on black background
Pemberville Public Library - black and white on white background

In Spring 2016, the Pemberville Public Library held a contest to design a new logo. The result was a combination of two design submissions. The slogan, "Read to Succeed - More to Explore" was inspired by Eastwood High School student Joshua Egnatuk. The slogan has two meanings. First, you need to be able to read to succeed in life. Second, there is more to explore in our libraries than just books.

The main design of the open book and wording was created by Eastwood Local School District resident Pam Connell. The colors in the design are the colors of the Eastwood Local School District: red, white, and columbia blue. The Pemberville Public Library and the branch libraries in Stony Ridge and Luckey serve all residents of the school district. Pam created four different versions of the logo to suit the library's needs for flyers, social media, and other promotional materials.

The Pemberville Public Library Board of Trustees and Staff thank Pam and Joshua for their combined efforts in creating the new logo!