Introducing Tonies!

tonies Now Avaliable! Two tonieboxes with multiple tonie characters around them.

We are excited to announce a new addition to our STEM kit collection, Tonies!

These kits offer a new audio system designed for little listeners. Turn it on, pop a Tonie on top and let the adventure begin! Tonies bring your family a screen-free, imagination-building experience, and each one brings new stories or songs!

Each location has a Toniebox kit as well as a small Tonie character collection. These items are available to checkout for one week and are non-renewable. They must be returned to the location they were checkout at and cannot go in the book drop.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Tonies?

The Toniebox is a soft, screen-free speaker for children. Using magnetic figurines called Tonies, toddlers and young children can navigate storytelling, music, and guided activities independently. It is a kid-safe media platform filled with content from premium partners including National Geographic, Penguin Random House, and LeVar Burton.

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Where can I check them out?

Each of our three locations have a Toniebox kit as well as a Tonie Character collection. Pemberville has a Disney Princess and Paw Patrol kit, Stony Ridge has a Mickey Mouse and Friends kit, and Luckey has a Frozen kit.

View our Tonie collection.

What is included in a Toniebox kit?

Each kit includes: a Toniebox speaker, a charger, a carrying case, instructions, and at least 4 Tonie Characters.

Can I check out just the Tonie Toppers?

Each location has a small collection of Tonie Characters that are available for checkout. These characters do not come with a speaker, but they will work with any speaker included in our kits without needing internet connection.

Already have a speaker at home? Perfect! You can take home any of our characters to use with your personal speaker. Just remember, you must be connected to wi-fi in order to download the content from the Tonie.

How long can I check them out for?

Both the Toniebox kits and the individual Tonie characters can be checked out for one week and cannot be renewed. These items must be returned to the same library location they were checkout from. The fine rate for our STEM kits are 25 cents each day the item is overdue.

Are they easy to use?

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the Toniebox is a great companion for independent play. The controls are designed with little listeners (and little hands) in mind, so kids can easily adjust volume, fast forward, rewind and change stories all on their own.

  • Squeeze an ear to raise or lower the volume.
  • Tap the sides to change chapters or tilt to fast-forward or rewind.
  • Even swapping stories is simple. Just place a different Tonie on the box to begin a new adventure!

Tonies checked out from our locations can be used without wi-fi on our Tonieboxes. If you are using a personal Toniebox you must be connected to wi-fi.