Introducing Tonies!

tonies Now Avaliable! Two tonieboxes with multiple tonie characters around them.

We are excited to announce a new addition to our STEM kit collection, Tonies!

These kits offer a new audio system designed for little listeners. Turn it on, pop a Tonie on top and let the adventure begin! Tonies bring your family a screen-free, imagination-building experience, and each one brings new stories or songs!

Each location has a Toniebox kit as well as a small Tonie character collection. These items are available to checkout for one week and are non-renewable. They must be returned to the location they were checkout at and cannot go in the book drop.

COSI Connects Kits Available!

The learning lunchbox water edition boox with glasses, notebook, scissors, and pencils spread out around it.
Ever wondered how a ship as big as the Titanic could float? Or how water striders are able to walk on water? Water is all around us, and the COSI Connects Water Kit explores all sorts of water-related science activities! Recommended grades: K-8. These kits are free and can be picked up at our Pemberville, Luckey or Stony Ridge locations. There is a limit of one kit per a household.
These kits are provided to the Pemberville Public Library System through a partnership between COSI and the Ohio Library Council.


Kids and families are welcome to join us at Sawyer Quarry on July 2 for a bouldering event!

Registration is required and space is limited for ages 8+. Please call 419 - 287 - 4012 to sign up!

Black Swamp Program

The history of the Black Swamp and Wood County are not the stories of the mud, but the stories of the people who settled here. Each person, great or small, had a story to tell, this is the true history of the Great Black Swamp.  

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